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2015 October

1 thursday

Akamalavaram St.Antony's Church

Alanallur St.joseph Church

2 friday

Anakkallu  St.Joseph Church

Arappara  St.Sebastian Church

Arogyapuram St.Mary'sChurch

3 satuday

Alangad St.Mary's Church

Baleswaram Infant Jesus Church

Cheenikapara St.Thomas Church

Cherupalassery St.Mary's Church

Chittady St.Mary's Church

Elavampadam St.Thomas Church

Kulakattukurssi St.James Church

4 sunday

Akathethara  St.Thoms Aquinas Church

Chittady  St. Joseph Church

5 monday

Chulliyamkulam  Holy Family Church

Chittilamchery Japamala rani Curch

Dhoni St.James The Grate Church

Edathanattukara St.Villiams Church

6 tuesday

Dhonigund St.Therasas Church

Irumpakachola St.Sebastisn's Church

Jelippara St.Peter's Church

7 wednesday

Kadappara St.Mary's Church

Kairady  Bl.Mother Theresa Church

Kaithachira Christhu Jyothi Church

Kallada St.Paul's Church

8 thursday

kalladikode St.Marymatha Church

sKalleppully St.Mary's Church

Kandamangalam christhuraja Church

Ganeshgiri St.Joseph Church

9 friday

Kanjirapuzha St.Thomas Church

Kanjirapuzha Dam St.Joseph Church

Kannambra St.Joseph Church

Karakursy St.Mary's Church

10 saturday

Chandranagar Divine Providance Church

Karara St.Joseph Church

Karimba Littile Flower Church

Karinkayam St.Mary's Church

Kadambazhipuram St.Joseph Church

Kadampur St.Francis Assissi Church

Kongad loured matha church

11 sunday

Kodunthirippulli Vimala Hridaya Church

Koduvayur St.Thomas Church

Koonathara St.Ignatias Church

Panamkutty  Christ the king church

12 monday

Kollankode St.Joseph Church

Kottappuram St.John The Baptist Church

Kottai St.Antony's Church

Kozhinjampara St.Antony's Church

13 tuesday

Kuruvampadi St.Sebastian Church

Puliyara St.George Church

Unnimala Infant Jesus Church

Malampuzha St.Jude Church

Kallekkad church

14 wednesday

Mangalamdam St.Xavier's Church

 Malampuzha South St.Thomas Church

Mankursi  St.Peter's Church

Mannarkad Holy Spirit Church

15 thursday

Melarkode St.Antony's Church

Malampuzha Mariyanagar St.Mary's Church

Muchamkund St.Joseph Church

Mundur St.Alphonsa Church

Pombra St.Antony's Church

16 friday

Mailamully St.Mary's Church

Neethipuram St.Joseph Church

Nenmara Christ The King Church

Nirav Holy Family Church

  Palakayam St.Mary's Church

17 Saturday

Nelliyampathi Our Lady of Mound Carmel Church

Malayakam St.Mary's Church

Njarakkad St.Sebastian Church

Odamthodu St.Jude's Church

Olavakode St.Joseph Church

Olippara St.Pius church

Ottappalam St.Joseph Church

18 sunday

Padur Holy Cross Church

Palakkad town Nithyasahaya Matha Church

Vachanagiri church

19 Monday

Thachampara st. mary’s church

Palakuzhi St.Thomas Church

Panamkutti Christ The King Church

Palapuram St.Mary's Church

20 tuesday

Anamooly St.Teresa of Avila Church

Panthalampadam Nithyasahaya Matha Church

Paruthikkad St.Antony's Church

Pattambi St.Pauls Church

Pazhambalakode Santhinatha Church

Ponnamkode St.Antony's Church

21 wednesday

Ponkandam St.Joseph Church

Poonchola Little Flower Church

Pothundi Good Shepherd Church

Pulapatta Holy Cross Church

22 thursday

Palliyara St.Mary's Church

Pullissery St.Mary's Church

Puttanikkad Deva Matha Church

Rajagiri Sacred Heart Church

Shornur St.Agnas Church

23 friday

Santhithadam Santhi Natha Church

Seetharkund St.Mary's Church

Sholayur St.Antony's Church

Sreekrishnapuram St.Joseph Church

24 Saturday

Agali fathima matha church

Thachanadi Christ The King Church

Thathamangalam St.Mary's Church

Thiruvizhamkunnu Sacred Heart Church

Thrithwamala Holy Trinity Church

25 sunday

Mezhukumpara St.Joseph Church

Valkulambu St.Antony's Church

Valuparambu Divyakarunnya Church

26 monday

Thavalam Holy Trinity ChurchVachanagiri St.George Church

Valuparamp Divyakarunya Church

27 tuesday

Vattappara St.Benedict Church

Vayalur Infant Jesus Church

Vadakanchery Lourde  Matha Church

Valayar St.Antony's Church

28 wednesday

Vazhikadav Infant Jesus Church

Vimalagiri St.Mary's Church

Yakkara Holy Trinity Church

29 thursday

Chittur Holy Family Church

Kanjikode Good Shepherd Church

Karappadam St.Joseph Church

30 Friday

Alathur Little Flower Church

Chittur (attappadi)St.Thomas Church

Josgiri St.joseph Church

Keralassery Immaculate Heart Of Mary Church

St.Raphel's Cathedral Church


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