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These days watching pornography and related websites has become more common. Even the children have got access to it. How it becomes a sin ? How it affects the dignity of a human person ?

someone who misuses love by detaching human sexuality from the intimacy of a committed, loving relationship between two spouses and turns it into commercial goods sins seriously. Anyone who produces, buys, or consumes pornographic materials violates human dignity and seduces others to sin. Pornography is a degenerate form of prostitution, for here too there is the suggestion that man can get ‘love’ for money. Models and actors, producers and distributors are equally involved in this serious offence against charity and human dignity. Anyone who consumes pornographic materials, visits pornographic websites or participates in pornographic events finds himself in the wider circle of prostitution and supports the dirty, billion-dollar business of selling sex. (You cat-412) People who work in the media should always be aware of the fact that their productions have an educational effect. Young people must constantly examine themselves to determine whether they are able to use the media freely with critical distance or whether they have become addicted to particular media. Every person is responsible for his soul. Those who consume violence, hatred and pornography in the media become spiritually deadened and do themselves harm. (You cat-460)


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