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Is homosexuality a sin? What is the position of the church in such related matters? These days some people argue for homosexual marriages and in some countries like America it has been legally acce

The church believes that, in the order of creation, man and woman are designed to need each other’s complementary traits and to enter into a mutual relationship so as to give life to children. That is why homosexual practices cannot be approved by the church. Christians owe all persons respect and love, however regardless of their sexual orientation because all people are respected and loved by God. (Ccc.2358-2359) There is no man on earth who is descended from a union of a mother and a father. Therefore it is painful experience for many homosexually oriented people that they do not feel erotically attracted to the opposite sex and necessarily miss out on the physical fruitfulness of the union between man and woman according to human nature and the divine order of creation. Nevertheless God often leads souls to himself along unusual paths; a lack, a loss, or a wound- if accepted and affirmed – can become a springboard for throwing oneself in to the arms of God: the God who brings good out of everything and whose greatness can be discovered in redemption even more than in creation.(Youcat-65) God created man as male and female and destined them for each other in a bodily way as well. The church accepts without reservation those who experience homosexual feelings. They should not be discriminated against because of that. At the same time the church declares that all homosexual relations in any form are contrary to the order of creation. (Youcat-415)


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