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Normally we do practices like Yoga to have the physical fitness and refreshment. Are there any negative influences in such practices? Does it contradict our Christian faith?

Esotericism ignores the reality of God. God is a personal Being. He is love and origin of life, not some old cosmic energy. Man was willed and created by God, but man himself is not divine; rather he is a creature that is wounded by sin, threatened by death and in need of redemption. Whereas most proponents of esotericism assume that man can redeem himself, Christians believe that only Jesus Christ and God’s grace redeem them. Nor are nature and the cosmos. Rather the creator, even though he loves us immensely, is infinitely greater and unlike anything he has created. Many people today practice yoga for health reasons, enroll in a meditation course so as to become more calm and collected or attend dance workshops so as to experience their bodies in a new way. These techniques are not always harmless. Often they are vehicles for doctrines that are foreign to Christianity. No reasonable person should hold an irrational world view, in which people can tap magical powers or harness mysterious spirits and the ‘initiated’ have a secret knowledge that is withheld from the ‘ignorant’. In ancient Israel, the surrounding peoples’ beliefs in gods and spirits were exposed as false. God alone is Lord; there is no god besides him. Nor is there any technique by which one can capture or charm ‘the divine’, force one’s wishes on the universe or redeem oneself. (Youcat-356) The irrational assumption that certain sayings, actions, events and objects contain magic powers or produce magical effects is called superstition. In yoga practices we assume a kind of supernatural power for some actions or postures in it. So in that sense such practices become part of superstitions. Fr. Gabriel Amoth, the official exorcist of the catholic church, who has done approximately 70000 exorcisms and he could realize the satanic influences in different people and practices, clearly mentions about the satanic influences in practices like yoga.


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